Relax While You Travel

Medical Grade Disinfecting Wipes by SONO

Germs And Bacteria Are Everywhere

When you’re home, you know the last time bedspreads were changed and how often surfaces are disinfected. But how can you tell what’s germ-free when you’re traveling? Scientific American reports that a shocking 81% of surfaces in hotel rooms have at least a trace of fecal matter on them. You can’t trust anything you touch. Other studies have found similar results throughout the transportation system. Planes, buses, ride-sharing vehicles, restaurants and every kind of waiting area are infested with germs. Carrying a travel-pack of disinfecting wipes doesn’t mean you’re paranoid—it’s the only way to protect yourself.

It’s Obvious Airlines Aren’t Making Disinfection A Priority

TODAY conducted an investigation to learn what kinds of germs are present on the surfaces frequently touched by airline passengers. As you can imagine, the results were alarming. Watch the video to see what they found… then be sure to order a travel pack of SONO Disinfecting Wipes before your next flight.


Disinfecting wipes by Sono
  • Slim 20 count soft packages easily fit in purses & pockets
  • Resealable packaging keeps wipes from drying out
  • Kills viruses such as MRSA, H1N1 and many more
  • Trusted by hospitals, nurses and doctors
  • Kill 99.9999% of germs and bacteria
  • TSA-compliant for air travel

Pack SONO Disinfecting Wipes Every Time You Travel



  • The cause of the common cold can linger on surfaces for up to three hours.
  • While traveling, you will drastically reduce your chances of getting sick by developing a habit of disinfecting surfaces before you touch them.



Take a few moments to look at the numbers for just one location—airports. Multiple studies have found alarming levels of bacteria in them, with one study taking random samples of bacteria and reporting them in colony-forming units (CFU). Here’s what they found: 253,857 CFU on check-in screens, 21,630 CFU on armrests in waiting areas, and 95,145 CFU on lavatory flush buttons. That’s disgusting. Inside planes isn’t much better. Separate research backed by Travel Math found tray tables in planes have an average of 2,155 CFU per square inch. With at least 50 passengers per flight, planes tend to be breeding grounds of disease-causing bacteria, such as E. coli., which can make you terribly ill.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip

Clean lifestyle disinfecting wipes by Sono

How To Properly Disinfect

    1. The first step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is being prepared for any situation
    2. Carry SONO Disinfecting Wipes wherever you go.
    3. The best way to protect yourself is to never presume a surface is germ-free when you’re away from home—especially ones that are touched frequently like door handles and seats.
  1. SONO Disinfecting Wipes need four minutes to remove 99.9999% of germs and bacteria.
  2. Once you wipe a surface, don’t touch it until at least 4 minutes have elapsed.
  3. What about situations where you don’t have a few minutes to spare? Just use a wipe as a barrier between your hand and objects like handles and elevator buttons, then discard the wipe.




Car doors handles disinfecting wipes

Car Door Handles

Taxi and ride-sharing services are not required to disinfect any surfaces. Protect yourself from germs by wiping door handles and any interior surfaces you will contact.

  • Remember to also wipe your seat belt
  • Window and lock buttons need cleaned as well
Remotes disinfecting wipes by SONO

Hotel TV Remotes

Numerous studies have named hotel TV remotes as the dirtiest object you can touch. Just one SONO Disinfecting Wipe will remove the viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

  • Thoroughly wipe all sides of the remote and allow it time to dry
  • Hotel phones and alarm clocks should be disinfected, too
restaurant seats disinfecting wipes by SONO

Seats AND Armrests

Most restaurants use the same rags to wipe tables as they do to clean their seats. Be sure to wipe all surfaces and wait a few minutes before sitting down.

  • Salt and pepper shakers are rarely disinfected in restaurants
  • Don’t forget to wipe your menu before touching it