Guide on Disinfecting Your Office Space

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It is a dangerous and unhealthy world that we are living in. At the time of writing this, a pandemic is currently ravaging across the globe. However, don’t think that this is just a timely piece. Keeping your office clean and disinfected is a must, regardless of whatever is happening outside. Hence, if you want to learn more about how disinfecting office works, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. It’s exactly what we are going to talk about today. Let’s get started!

How Dirty Your Workspace Is

You’ve developed yourself and gained high-income skills to have the job you’d always wanted, and now you’ll let bacterias put you at fuel risk and interfere with your working process? We guess you won’t.

First of all, you need to understand how dirty your workspace is before you even think of planning on disinfecting office space. Entrepreneur actually shares an interesting article about this, but just to give you an idea, here are the most interesting points:

  • Keyboards are said to contain 70% more bacteria than toilet seats.
  • Office desks usually have 10,000 bacteria at any given moment. That’s 400 times nastier than toilet seats.
  • Telephones are even worse, containing 25,000 germs for each square inch.

If those numbers don’t scare you into disinfecting office then we don’t know what will! What’s worse is that employee health can seriously be put at risk, and when someone does get sick, there are a lot of people who still persevere and continue to go to work, adding further fuel to the fire.

Using those facts as a guide, we are going to talk about how to go about the disinfection of office space next, focusing on each problem area including those that we have mentioned above.

General Areas/Items That Need to Be Disinfected

Disinfecting an office might seem daunting at first, especially if you have a large and spacious workplace that accommodates hundreds of employees each day. However, knowing the problem areas that you should be focusing on does help. While simply sanitizing these office elements is not enough, doing so does create a significant difference in making your office space a healthier environment to work with.


disinfecting office

As we have mentioned, keyboards are definitely a cause for concern. After all, we can’t expect employees to wash their hands before and after using their keyboard. Hence, this makes them a perfect breeding ground for germs. What’s even more problematic is that viruses (such as those that can cause flu) can stay alive on a hard surface for up to 18 hours.

Fortunately, keyboards are simple to clean. First, make sure that they are unplugged. Then, remove dust and other particles with a can of compressed air. You can then disinfect it with the use of cleansing wipes.

Computer Mouse

Another computer equipment that can cause problems even in a hygiene workplace is a computer mouse. It’s even safe to assume that it’s as unsafe as your keyboard. You can actually disinfect it in the same way as you did your keyboard. Just make sure to use a new piece of cleansing wipes in doing so.

Phones and Headsets

disinfecting office

There are some of us who wipe phones and headsets before using, especially the mouthpiece. That’s a good practice. However, it’s sadly not enough. It’s natural to be wary of the mouthpiece since it is exposed to a lot of respiratory droplets all day and there’s no knowing who among its users were sick. But keep in mind that the handle and its keypad is just as bad.

Again, don’t forget to unplug your phone from its power source. Then, wipe the entire phone down with a soft cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol. You can also use a can of compressed air to remove any particles that might be stuck in between its keys, as long as you hold it at least six inches away.

As for headsets, they can also be wiped down. The foam on its mouthpiece can be replaced. And most of all, make sure that each of your employees (who need it) has one. Discourage sharing headsets as much as possible.


You can always get your chairs washed, especially those with foam and cloth materials. Wiping its hard surfaces with disinfecting wipes, though, can already minimize health risks from harmful germs that come from your employees’ hands.

Fidget Toys

disinfecting office

Distributing fidget toys as small favors to your employees is a good idea. They can help them in dealing with work-related stress. However, since they are small and fun to fidget with, they can also serve as the perfect breeding ground to spread contamination. Hence, we recommend washing them with soap and water every once in a while.

The Doornooks, Handles, and Light Switch

Aside from the office equipment that we have mentioned above, door nooks, handles, and light switches are the other focus areas that you should sanitize regularly as part of your disinfecting office routine. After all, they are constantly being touched as well.

Common Space

It’s important to sanitize every work cubicle in your office, but don’t forget common spaces too. This is a crucial aspect of successfully disinfecting office space. Areas like meeting rooms, cafeterias, and recreational spaces should be disinfected regularly. You can also rotate your employees’ break times in order to minimize the number of people congregating in them.


disinfecting office

There are two kitchen appliances that are frequently used in common areas. These are fridges and coffee makers. And as such, they must not be ignored. It’s important to clean your fridge at least every three months. This will ensure that there are no expired goods inside that might cause any stomach upset. But aside from that, don’t forget to disinfect your fridge’s exteriors too, especially their handles that are touched constantly.

Coffee Makers

disinfecting office, Coffee Makers

As for coffee makers, they must be washed monthly, or more frequently if possible. This will prevent any bacteria from collecting in its brewing components. You can disinfect your coffee maker with vinegar and hot water. Handles must also be wiped down every day and don’t forget to constantly remind your employees to sanitize their hands before even entering the pantry.

How to Disinfect All the Items in the Office

Anyway, we are finally done with the focus areas. Is there anything else that you should sanitize regularly? Honestly, you still need to disinfect everything else including walls, floors, even your air filters to improve your office’s indoor air quality. If you find this task beyond the capacity of your regular maintenance team, then know that there are cleaning companies that specialize in disinfecting office.


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We personally recommend seeking professional help especially right now with the pandemic going on, and of course, before and after the flu season each year.


We know that disinfecting the workplace is an undertaking that can cost you time and money, but remember that doing so is your responsibility as an employer. It’s also a priceless investment in the long run. After all, employees that are healthy and happy are also more productive and satisfied. Good luck!